Next Step - Career

Melbourne graduates are highly sought after by employers and industry.

While many students complete their degree and go straight into employment, many find themselves returning to study at some point to further develop their skills.

The Melbourne Careers Centre provides a comprehensive service to current and recent graduates.

Research your options

Before applying for jobs, get an idea of what's available, what's involved and what sort of jobs might suit you. Some jobs may be directly related to your study, but many may not be. The skills you have developed by the time you graduate will prepare you for a wide range of possible jobs - even if they're not in your immediate area of specialisation.

Talk to people

Have a look at the following suggestions to help you discover your options
Try this Why?
Speak to your lecturers about jobs in specific disciplines Many of your lecturers will be involved in the disciplines they teach and can often provide advice about the sorts of jobs that may be available.
Talk to as many employers as you can Employers are keen to speak to potential employees and discuss the sorts of attributes, skills and/or prerequisites required.
Careers Drop in Service Come and talk to a careers consultant about your queries, or to get feedback on job applications. Opening times and locations
Join professional associations Many professional associations welcome student members. This represents an excellent opportunity to meet potential employers and get advice.
Skill development workshops and seminars Available to all University of Melbourne students, these workshops and seminars are designed to develop your employability skills.

Use the resources available


Prepare for employment

Many employers are looking for graduates with additional skills and attributes. Recent studies have identified the following skills as crucial to gaining employment and progressing within it: communication skills; teamwork skills; problem-solving skills; initiative and enterprise; planning and organising; self-management; and technology skills.

To be fully prepared for employment, consider adding to your experience and improving your chances of success by undertaking one or more of the following:

  • Gaining experience
  • Employers view experience as a vital component when assessing candidates. Real-life experience in a work environment can help you develop relationships in an industry you might be interested in pursuing as a career.

    Participating in leadership and volunteering activities is an effective way of gathering critical employability skills.

  • Study Abroad or Exchange
  • Studying part of your degree overseas can provide you with highly sought-after skills and experiences. With many professional positions becoming increasingly global, experience of learning in other cultures can be attractive to potential employers.

Apply for a position

Once you've narrowed down your search and found the position you're looking for, the next step is the actual application process.

  • Application processes
  • As a graduate of the University of Melbourne, you will be ready to enter the workforce with a clearly defined set of attributes. Putting yourself forward as a potential employee requires you to be able to articulate why an employer should choose you over your competitors.

    • preparing a resume
    • application forms
    • cover letters
    • selection criteria

Pre employment information

Before accepting your employment contract make sure you are familiar with the following:.